The World's first truly programmatic
content marketplace

ContentBay is a global entertainment database which allows you to explore, analyse,
compare, share, and trade content licences, simply and securely, making it the
essential companion application for anyone in the content industry.

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Innovative technology allows you to search for movies, series, channels, platforms, producers and cast, to name a few, from the global database with over 1 million+ titles, using even the most niche or unique search terms to uncover your specific content needs.


Filter results with over 1 billion editorial, contextual and commercial datapoints and use the innovative features to make analytical and insight-based decisions when choosing content to target.


Trade in a safe and secure environment knowing that you are getting the right content, at the best price to make the biggest impact.

Machine learning

The platform uses innovative machine learning & video recognition technology to tag and catalogue millions of titles across the entertainment industry allowing you to discover, analyse and trade.

Lightning fast

Harnessing the power of data sets, lightning-fast database analysis and secure transactional technologies, ContentBay allows countless search opportunities and informative analytical tools, at the touch of a button.

Video recognition

With state-of-the-art video recognition and over 9,000 different keywords, the always-learning platform is empowering smaller players to monetize their content at a fair price.

ContentBay is powerful

Harnessing big data mining, ContentBay provides limitless opportunity in content search,
doing the hard work in analysis, so you don't have to.

Analyse your library

Analyse your own content library alongside the billions of content related data points already on ContentBay.

We combine your existing titles and licences to our own database and allow you to understand what similar titles are being licenced and acquired globally, using our state of the art technology.

Analyse competition

Quickly and easily analyse the competition, territory, channel and company specific reporting, at the touch of a button.

By capturing data about all content and then mapping it through EPG and streaming data, ContentBay can provide a rich snapshot of activity and performance across the content licencing ecosystem.

Build stories

Build compelling sales stories for clients and share the wealth of persuasive data with them.

Content Bay allows users to share their titles and associated content through the platform with potential partners without a licence.

ContentBay is unique

Set to revolutionise the content licensing business, ContentBay is the world's first
programmatic content planning database tool.


A combination of innovative data mining and predictive technology, providing a new and unique way to license content, putting the power in the hands of our users regardless of scale.


ContentBay offers a content democracy where content distributors and platform owners coexist and trade licences in a secure environment.


ContentBay is revolutionising the way that Content Programmers can plan, buy and schedule content, saving time and money.


You can leverage data about competitor and affiliate titles to help define your content strategy and deliver compelling narrative around content for your organisation.

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