The World's first truly programmatic content marketplace

We are creating a platform where content distributors and platform owners can coexist and trade licences which are algorithmically tailored to meet the needs of buyers and sellers alike.


The programmatic
content marketplace


Intuitive tools allow rights holders to build and market an extensive catalogue(s) of content to a worldwide buying audience.


Powerful multi-dimensional data cube uses cutting edge machine learning to validate and enhance content metadata


Secure transactions happen in a fraud-free environment – Smart Contracts establish and guarantee trust over the network.

Content Metadata

Vast quantities of data

Data sets are captured and enhanced using a vast array of publicly available and licenced sources alongside our client’s invaluable records.

How does it work

Smart and blazingly fast

Machine learning

Editorially and contextually building content and territory profiles

AI technology

Focusing on matching the right content with the right audience.

About us

Team behind Content Bay

Holger Enßlin

Founding Investor

Christian Unterseer

Founding Investor

Oliver Skelton

Founder & Managing Director

Jochen Peters

Director of Product

Amadejo Gaspari

Lead UI/UX Designer & Frontend Developer

Thomas Vink

Commercial Director

Dušan Milosavljević

Senior Frontend Developer

Dragan Lešić

Senior Backend Developer

Andrej Marolt

Backend Developer

Dejan Milošev

Frontend Developer

Ambika Charana

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