Here at Content Bay we have a vision to become the worlds first truly programmatic content marketplace.

We are creating a platform where content distributors and platform owners can coexist and trade licences which are algorhythmically tailored to meet the needs of buyers and sellers alike.

A place where contracts can be built and executed quickly, seamlessly and simultaneously across multiple distribution points.

the programmatic content marketplace

Intuitive tools allow rights holders to build and market an extensive catalogue(s) of content to a worldwide buying audience. At the same time allowing buyers the ability to search bundle and acquire content from these published archives.

Powerful multi-dimensional data cube uses cutting edge machine learning to validate and enhance content metadata, Editorially, contextually and commercially building content and territory profiles that transcend the traditional view of content marketing, focusing on matching the right content with the right platform/audience.

Secure transactions happen in a fraud-free environment – Smart Contracts establish and guarantee trust over the network.

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